Technical Data Sheet

  • Our pressure gauges NG 23 meet the requirements of EN3-7 point 11
    Our pressure gauges NG 36 meet the requirements of UL299
  • Display accuracy
    • beginning of the green sector: + 1 bar
    • end of the green sector: + 6 %
    • operating pressure 20°C: +/- 0,5 bar
  • Density: All systems are tested with helium 100 % <= 9*10(-7) mbar l/sec
  • Wear-free construction, no motion work
  • No CuBe - material, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Tube material in copper bronze or stainless steel, depending on execution
  • Sinter metal > 5 mm Ø, i.e. the powder won't block the filter.
  • Bourdon tube system, successfully used in the USA since more than 40 years
  • Small extent < 11 mm
  • Window with protection against scratches
  • Pressure gauge type 113 with magnet execution can be tested from the outside without any risk of damage in the inside.
  • 24 months guarantee
  • Splash-proof execution. Watertight execution on demand.
  • The measuring system can be tested from the outside with the help of a test pump.(Window must be provided with a hole).
  • FT 103 NG 23 mm, standard execution
    FT 104 NG 23 mm, stainless steel execution
    FT 113 NG 23 mm, magnet execution
    FT 204 NG 36 mm, stainless steel execution
    Accessories, FT 999, test pump, magnet test tool, tubular wrench

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